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            Legal Consulting Solutions

            Complete legal consulting and staffing support, customized to your needs

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions provides legal and compliance expertise, proven tools and methodology, and dedicated full-time consultants. From information governance and regulatory compliance solutions to IP management support and beyond, our dedicated legal consulting services teams and technology solutions can assist you in managing risk, providing controls and driving efficiencies.

            Unlike other legal consulting firms, we offer more than just advisory services. With each project or program we create, you benefit from the latest digital tools and best practices, custom-built teams and access to review centers and project space. Our focus areas are:

            • Litigation and Disputes
            • Data Privacy
            • Information Governance
            • Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Transactions
            • Contract Management and Extraction
            • Legal Compliance
            • Managed Data

            Ask us about our consulting solutions for LIBOR, CCPA and GDPR.

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            eDiscovery and managed review

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions is a leading provider of eDiscovery services. We can collect, process, code, analyze, host and review electronic data in preparation for litigation, forensics and investigations.

            We provide:

            • Access to specialized legal professionals, all of whom have been pre-evaluated, interviewed and skills-tested
            • An eDiscovery workflow that is consistent and repeatable, yet flexible
            • Managed legal document review services led by experienced project managers and coordinators, many of whom are licensed attorneys with technical backgrounds

            Data security and privacy

            Your data needs are unique, and so are our consulting solutions. Let our legal and IT specialists help your organization remain compliant with regulatory requirements around data privacy and security.

            We provide:

            • Expertise in data protection technology and programs
            • Deep understanding of the latest legislation
            • Assistance in translating regulatory requirements into policies and procedures
            • Compliance training for your staff

            Our client, a global public financial institution, wished to improve its compliance function. It was struggling to manage a growing workload and hire and train a large number of new staff. We assembled a team of client account and engagement managers with extensive experience in compliance matters. We also provided over 200 risk analysts, who helped clear a backlog of 50,000 anti-money laundering cases. Overall, the client saved $2-3 million in consulting fees by choosing Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions.

            Read the full success story

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions helped a global telecommunications services provider review over 150,000 documents. Our team delivered 11 rolling productions within a tight three-week time frame and prepared a privilege log with more than 1,800 entries.

            Read the full success story

            Regulatory compliance

            In today's changing regulatory environment, companies are faced with creating, implementing and maintaining plans and processes to remain compliant. These regulations, whether focused on data privacy, loans, contracts or other areas, can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. We can be your strategic partner to navigate complex regulations like the LIBOR transition, CCPA, GDPR and more.

            Records management

            Outsource your contracts and records management to us for streamlined and systematic control over the entire data management lifecycle. From creation to disposition, our information governance consultants use cutting-edge technology to control company records in accordance with the latest regulations.

            We provide:

            • One team dedicated to your company’s entire data management lifecycle
            • Data hosting for optimized enterprise-level records management
            • Digital workflows to improve efficiencies and reduce the need for physical office space
            • Increased accountability for and timely access to company records

            Mergers and acquisitions

            Business growth and expansion are exciting, but they come with their share of pain points. Let Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions ease the stress for your staff and managers. Our experienced M&A teams assist with pre- and post-acquisition deals, change initiatives, and risk management efforts.

            We provide:

            • International and multilingual expertise to support global M&A activities
            • A suite of M&A services that includes data security and privacy, ERP data migration and consolidation, records management, and intellectual property (IP) management
            • Complete M&A lifecycle support for both the buy side and sell side

            Following a successful merger, a leading financial institution engaged Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions to assist with remediating and integrating its contract management system. We assembled a team of senior specialists and contract attorneys to work at both the client’s site and our dedicated project space. The client was impressed by our ability to provide space, technology, and skilled personnel to help maximize efficiencies, and the project was completed under budget.

            Read the full success story

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions helped a global telecommunications services provider review over 150,000 documents. Our team delivered 11 rolling productions within a tight three-week time frame and prepared a privilege log with more than 1,800 entries.

            Read the full success story

            Internal investigations

            A successful internal investigation requires careful planning, due diligence and digital savvy. It also calls for a thorough understanding of how state and federal agencies operate. Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions internal investigations teams can help:

            • Perform computer forensic analyses
            • Gather affidavits
            • Provide fact-based expert testimonies
            • Compile, review and preserve data
            • Work with state and federal agencies on behalf of our corporate clients and their counsel

            Secure project space and clean rooms

            With Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions, you benefit from project managers with experience in data collection, hosting, processing and analytics. We also offer hundreds of project review centers and clean-room facilities across North America — all staffed by experienced professionals.

            Our legal consulting services team

            Frank Wu Headshot
            Frank Wu
            Global Managing Director
            See full profile
            Joel Wuesthoff, Esq. Headshot
            Joel Wuesthoff, Esq.
            Managing Director
            See full profile
            Sunny Sanghani Headshot
            Sunny Sanghani
            Managing Director
            See full profile

            Meet our full legal consulting team

            Additional consulting solutions from Protiviti

            In addition to our legal consulting team, when necessary, we can also utilize the technical expertise and consulting proficiency of Protiviti. A subsidiary of Robert Half, Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future.

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