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            eDiscovery and Managed Legal
            Document Review

            Skilled professionals and the process, technology and controls for your eDiscovery and document review needs

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions provides eDiscovery and managed legal document review services to help you collect, process, code, analyze, host and review electronic data for litigation support and investigation matters.

            We deliver the right balance of people, processes, technology and controls. We can assist with multifaceted, international managed review and legal eDiscovery support projects of virtually any size and complexity.






            eDiscovery solutions

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Services is a leading provider of electronic discovery, offering a full suite of managed services for streamlined, hassle-free processes throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle. We can work with your counsel to help address privacy issues domestically and overseas — helping to minimize the risk and maximize compliance.

            Data collection

            We find and collect electronically stored information (ESI) in compliance with investigatory and regulatory requirements. You get chain-of-custody documentation and experts who can testify about the process.

            eDiscovery processing

            Our consultants use a customizable eDiscovery processing workflow that’s flexible to the specific chosen technology.

            Data hosting

            You get access to our cloud-based data hosting capabilities — protected by state-of-the-art encryption and available 24/7 from anywhere around the globe.

            Hard-copy services

            Whether it means sending teams and technology to your physical locations or performing paper-based projects out of our production facilities, we design our processes around your business needs.

            Coding and analytics

            We use the latest in predictive coding engines and work closely with technology providers to help develop the process, protocols and sampling required to test the precision and recall of the engine’s seed set.

            Managed legal document review

            We approach every document review project with cost control and robust quality assurance in mind. To do that, we work closely with you to customize project and process management, advisory solutions and reporting requirements.

            Our process

            Every successful document review project begins with a detailed plan. This is our typical protocol:

            Contract Executed & Hand-off to Delivery Team


            Project Kick-off Infrastructure & Review Setup


            Orientation & Training


            Conduct Review Code/ Update Document


            Quality Checking & Validation


            Measurement & Reporting


            Process Logs




            Project Closure

            Project management and coordination

            Our professionals coordinate and oversee the entire document review lifecycle. We offer varying levels of management, ranging from defining the scope to supervising daily operations.

            Quality assurance and control

            Our quality control processes align with Lean Sigma methodology. We provide regular communication protocols, including dashboard reporting.

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions helped an Am Law 100 firm with a large document review project. We recruited more than 20 contract attorneys and three project coordinators. The team handled eDiscovery, hosting and managed review. All told, our legal consultants examined over 2 million documents, and we helped the law firm save their customer $3 million.

            Read the full success story

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions helped a global telecommunications services provider review over 150,000 documents. Our team delivered 11 rolling productions within a tight three-week time frame and prepared a privilege log with more than 1,800 entries.

            Read the full success story

            What makes us different

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions offers value that other eDiscovery and document review providers do not.

            Global capabilities

            Our consultants and document reviewers can provide specialized managed services whenever and wherever you need them. We work with eDiscovery professionals around the world, many of whom are multilingual. We can even address privacy issues overseas, in partnership with Protiviti, a global consulting firm and subsidiary of Robert Half.

            Industry expertise

            We have a dedicated team of?experienced legal professionals from a broad range of industries. Our experienced professionals apply decades of practical knowledge to the critical legal, technical and financial issues of your organization throughout the lifecycle of your review.

            Project management acumen

            Our project managers bring deep experience in electronic discovery and other types of litigation support. Using industry-proven processes and procedures, our senior consultants work closely with in-house counsel or third-party providers to provide reliable, on-time and cost-effective results.

            Proven proficiency in eDiscovery and document review

            Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions has been a Relativity Best in Service Partner since 2010. When you work with us, you gain access to Relativity-certified professionals who understand the software’s full capabilities and can maximize its use for your unique project requirements.

            Our legal consulting team

            Peter Tierney Headshot
            Peter Tierney
            Managing Director
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            Marshall Matus Headshot
            Marshall Matus
            Senior Manager
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            Sonya Yi Headshot
            Sonya Yi
            Senior Consultant
            See full profile

            Meet our full legal consulting team

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