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            Company Officers

            Executive Officers

            Harold M. Messmer, Jr.?
            Executive Chairman

            M. Keith Waddell?
            President and Chief Executive Officer

            Paul F. Gentzkow?
            President and Chief Executive Officer – Staffing Services

            Robert W. Glass?
            Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

            Michael C. Buckley?
            Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer


            Evelyn Crane-Oliver
            Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

            Kenneth D. Gitlin
            Senior Vice President, Operational Support

            Stephen M. Hilton
            Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller and Treasurer

            Christopher M. Hoffmann
            Senior Vice President, Commercial Transactions and Law

            James C. Johnson?
            Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

            Tami A. Munns
            Senior Vice President, Corporate Services – Staffing

            Lynne C. Smith
            Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Compensation

            Reesa M. Staten
            Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

            Michelle M. Whitman
            Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

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